What was your latest ‘tweet’ about?

Lately, I have been looking on my tweets as well as those whom I follow. They vary in humours and seriousness. They also vary in degrees on being ‘whateverness’ or ‘substantialness’. For every tweet of 140 characters or less, anybody can just shout out loud what they want to say. And say what? Also “hashtagging”. Just how these tweets change the course of one’s views?

Perhaps, one of the breakthroughs that our leaders in the Catholic Church had in the past year was to support and convince the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI to publish his first-ever tweet (of course, the Holy Father gets some advises too…). Which for me says a lot about the purpose of bringing the ‘tweeters’ to Jesus and Jesus to the ‘tweeters’. I  tweeted him lately just before the year ended. I don’t expect him to reply me back. What caught my attention were some replies  on the Holy Father’s tweets – some were encouraging and assuring him of their prayers, some were insulting, some were disrespectful.

The point here is that every tweet shows a ‘tweeter’s’ values and views on life. Optimistic tweets mean a value of hope for one. Insulting tweets mean a pessimist one. Disrespectful tweets mean a bullying one. Really, just think about how you post your tweets. Those who follow you see your tweets – and they spell a lot about you. Now, what are they for you?

Just like Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites present a lot about our inner longings to connect with other people. The way we hashtag our chosen topics shows a lot how we can connect our thoughts and ideas with others who might share our sentiments. But since hashtags are random and unmonopolized, these can either unify or divide people and communities. Think again. How do you tweet? Do they unify or divide people (or do you not care after all?)?

I plan to have only one hashtag for the first months of 2013. I call it #PeaceBeWithYou. If I’d ever have a tweet, I include this so as to look for others who might share my sentiments. With the Holy Father’s message on New Year’s Day, it moved me to creatively use social media to encourage peace in the forum of nations and communities. It’s our immediate concern, a social concern.

And if we are aspiring for a more humane, humanly developed communities, why not start tweeting #PeaceBeWithYou?


7 thoughts on “#PeaceBeWithYou

  1. I agree. I was getting jaded on social media and I realized, that I needed to be as Peaceful as the Pope was and Jesus wanted me, to be.

    Great thoughts. I will try to promote the peace of Christ, too. Lord knows I’ve failed in that dept. 2013 is a New Year and a New Start.

  2. Thanks a lot! It’s very timely and relevant that we discuss about peace among communities. Jesus Christ must be the center of our peaceful efforts through the social media. What kind of a world would we have if Christ is not there? Given the fundamental questions that we ask, social media is also an opportunity to let these questions be heard, perhaps “hashtagged” and be given priority.

    The Holy Father delivered a message that 2013 is a Year of Peace. Let’s make it happen. And yeah, thanks for reblogging my post. I sure appreciate what you did. I was also kind of hoping that I’d see you here often and share ideas and thoughts with me.

    And yes, I agree, let’s make 2013 a “New Year” and a “New Start”!

    Thanks, see you, and God bless you!

  3. I am in accordance with this article. As a twitter buff, I always tweet on things about what’s happening around that made me forgot to put God as the center of my life. I was preoccupied by internet, tweeting all night long. I think the idea of the pope to have an account on twitter could be a key for all twitter people to be reunited with God through every words they tweet with a touch of love and peace. I hope that every people will live out their values anywhere they go. Let us start this new year right and with a blast, promote the hashtag #PeaceBeWithYou.

  4. This entry made me think…

    Twitter is like a diary of one’s thoughts, more of a PUBLIC diary, I guess. It’s where people “shout out” their inner thoughts, their feelings, their hidden desires, and whatever they want to say. It’s also a way of communicating and connecting with other people (thus the term, social media), may it be our relatives, friends, artists we idolize and even the Pope (though I also do not expect him to reply to me if I “tweeted” him). We couldn’t get a reply always or the reply may be not always on time, whenever we tweeted someone, but I think it’s enough that we have conveyed our message for in one moment or another, they will be able to read it and perhaps even reply.

    Whenever we tweet, we should be careful with the words we use and how we use them. For we do not know if one of our followers can relate or may be hurt because of what we have tweeted. Yes, it’s your own account, and many people believe that each of us has the right to say what we want to, because it’s our life. But, come to think of it, what you tweet, retweet, or favorite mirrors YOU, your identity, your personality, your beliefs. No one would want to be thought of as someone who doesn’t have a good personality, right? But oftentimes, some people, when suppressed by their raging emotions, tweet carelessly and without thinking of the consequences it may bring.

    For me, tweeting is like praying (though not always). As I have said earlier, it’s like the diary of our thought, inner desires, etc. which needs an answer, which we secretly want somebody to read it and fulfill it. But sometimes, we do not get the reply we are longing for, or our tweet was not “favorited”. Like in praying, we share to our Lord our innermost desires, wishes and thoughts. We are hoping that He will answer and fulfill some of it, if not all. But sometimes, the “reply” we get is not what we ask for or did not meet our expectations, or sometimes, we do not even get a reply from Him. But, nevertheless, we should continue “tweeting” to Him, thank Him of the wonderful blessings He bestowed upon us. We may not get we want at once. But we should always think that God has always a plan for each of us.

    This year, may all of us spread peace and stop the hatred.

    I would like to commend you for all your entries here. Every entry is inspiring. Happy New Year to you and #PeaceBeWithYou, Kuya Francis! Galing RCian! 🙂

    Once a Rogationist. Always a Rogationist.

    Sorry for the long comment! 🙂

  5. I am also fond of using some social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. I post everything, especially in Twitter, about the things that I wanted to say or the things that I do. But when I read your blog, I realized that i should thought of the things that I’ll post, and I agree with you. I think one of my new year’s resolution would be sharing and shouting peace to everyone using this social media sites. They would be of great help. I wish also that the people who have accounts in this social networking sites will share peace and love. God Bless us all 🙂

  6. As I was reading this article, I was reminded of the saying “Think Before you Click,” because it serves as a reminder for those people who were technologically inclined, specifically those who are fond of using the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to be very careful in commenting, tweeting, liking, and sharing anything that is in the social networking sites. We should always consider not only our friends but every one who will be able to read our posts, our tweets, for we’ll never know if we are already offending someone with it.

    Based on my observations, people only like the things that catches their eyes without understanding it fully. So we must be very careful, tactful on what we are doing in the social networking sites. God Bless.

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