Dream Big!


What is your dream in life?

That’s awesome to ask! Dreaming big dreams counts a lot on what you value today. Just note what are your childhood dreams – and note which some of them persist today. Just how important these persistent dreams are? These guide our search for true meaning in life. The persistence of big dreams in life must not be resisted. Such big dreams persist because these tell something what our hearts desire – and it does not come out of the blue.

Dreaming big dreams starts on our awareness of being unique. All of us have been entrusted with an immense power to be the best. Now, what do we do with this power? We can be creative with it! Stop being hopeless, and start imagining and envisioning a better world. What do you see? How do you feel about it? How do you wish about it? Now, to the present – what can you do about it? What can you contribute to that better world?

Once you have a clear grasp of that big dream, pursue it. People who knew how to pursue big dreams do have a daring attitude of owning it by means of their values. They avoid living a double-standard life. Once you own your dream – it’s yours, it’s unique, and it’s nice. Keep that in mind, heart and spirit. Feel good about it; never resist it. Tell it as good news to a dear friend. Hope about it. Tweet it. Just make sure you see your dream in what you do today!

Let me give you an example. The Saints and the Sacred Authors of the Bible did dream big! Just read their stories. In their life, they kept a clear grasp and vision on what they desire. They pursued it because it preoccupied them, and it felt good for them. They felt it in their hands. They saw it as if it’s there. They too, hoped for a better world. People who recognized their inner desire even encouraged them – and it never failed them. Now, they serve as our examples.

And, don’t forget:  Jesus also dreamed a better world! (Luke 4:18-21)


4 thoughts on “Dream Big!

  1. Dreams are the reasons in making the impossible possible. It is our own desire to pave the way to fulfilling our own dreams even if it seems outrageous. Dreams may be a daunting task to accomplish but like what you said it is our own will and power to grasp our dreams. Its true we should we should dream big be to cause dream big would give big success. To be happy also in life we should dream things that where never were for us to have the satisfaction that we had contributed something to the world and I think that is the best dream that I know all of us want. In the end you may have succeeded in reaching your dreams but don’t stop because you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

  2. This is truly an inspiring message. I believe that our dreams should start, develop and end with God. His words are our guide, our encouragement to continue dreaming and working towards realizing those dreams. The saints and prophets were just as inspired by His Holy Spirit and this should drive us to do the same as His faithful followers.

  3. Dreams makes us a better person. It helps us to be more responsible and hardworking. ofcourse, to reach our dreams, we should put some extra efforts in our daily lives. dream big!

  4. The Article is an inspiring one. We should dream big so we can achieve what we want in the future. Dream is what you want to happen in future or what you want to be. We can achieve our dream by fulfilling it in and not to ignore it. If we didn’t dream our life will be nothing.

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