And, I Care A Lot!


Why do we care a lot?

Why do you care a lot?

Why do I care a lot?

Recently, I subscribed (followed) news “tweets” from known sources that are using Twitter. I subscribed to various sources, from the local news sources, to international news sources, way up to religious news sources. At every moment of the day, these sources post tweets which captured significant events. Then these tweets made me search the whole article of news items. After reading those articles, I’d always tell myself, “Now, what do I do?”

Knowing the things happening around me challenged me to get involved. Why do I get involved? Because I care a lot about them. Why do I care a lot? Because I’m part of the whole human community. And if I am dreaming of a better world for everyone, why shouldn’t I get involved of what’s happening today? Deep inside me, I’d always feel connected and related to these events – whether significant or small, near or far – because I’m part of today’s reality. There’s always in me the inner power to reach out and do something.

We are all created to love and to be loved. Perhaps, this is the reason why most people who dream big, love big enough. You can see their passion, and sometimes we’d just be captivated. We’d feel it too, when we are motivated to do something by their example. And these passions, as they are true and real, lead to compassion. We all have the reason to admire such compassionate dreamers because they encourage us “to love and to be loved”.

True enough, I’ve heard a lot of news – some are good, some are discouraging. And when it seemed that there are news stories which are quite bent on discouraging events, it made me see hope. I entered the seminary bearing with me the hope of becoming a difference, with the dream of “a life of the world to come”. I am challenged to make a difference for good – especially when I am formed to value things worth valuing – our life!

And I’d profess it in my faith!


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