I Believe, We Believe!


My heart beats for one thing I love:  I believe!

What about yours?

Thoughts and feelings come to me with the opening of the “Year of Faith”. The esteemed celebration stretches from October 2012 to November 2013. I’d say that the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, actually “envisioned” the faithful to be in union and communion with Jesus. I’d like to join the Holy Father’s “envisioning” by letting my heart beat on one significant thing – I believe!

Part of the celebration of the Year of Faith is to profess and live the Credo. Honestly, the Credo challenged me for one thing – profess and live by heart. I also couldn’t help but reflect on the length of the Credo which is in the New Roman Missal today. True enough, it’s a challenge for me even to literally memorize it. Honestly, I get tongue-twisted when I say the Credo. I’m happy though that little by little, I’m beginning to be familiar with it.

But because my hearts beat on what I believe, I’d love to profess and live the Credo in my heart. That calls me to recognize who I am and what I can do because of what I believe. I do have lots of lapses and weaknesses as a person. But in my weakness, plus the strength I have today, I can still say that I believe! I’d find my strength in believing because although I might not be certain what will happen tomorrow, I am certain that God is there for all of us.

I realized that it might be the reason why the Credo is recited in length. Each article of faith says something about us – being God’s beloved. I profess the Credo because I am loved by God – and hopefully others do. Like in a relationship, saying “I love you” is not said in murmuring or in pausing. We sincerely say “I love you” with clarity and with boldness. Professing the Credo by heart is like saying “I love you” to the Lord with clarity and boldness.

And then, about living what I profess? It’s indeed a challenge. We profess a faith not by lip-service, but lived and claimed as our own – in words, thoughts, and actions. We might be overcome by our weakness, but do we have the courage enough to stand and rise once more? There seems to be hopelessness in some situations today, but have we all lost the hope and energy to make this world a better world for everyone?

This is my first step: I believe!


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