My “Social Media” Story

Hands-On! But are we responsible enough?

“Go into the world and proclaim the gospel to every creature. (Mk. 16:15)”

It takes a lot of courage to proclaim the faith everywhere. And we are given the opportunities to proclaim the faith – especially by means of media technology. I do remember very well that the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI encourages and invites us to use social networking at the service of God, of all people, and of love. Personally, it is a challenge for me now to use social networking at the service of what I mostly care in my life.

I entered social networking when I was 2nd year high school. I also remember during that time, I was hesitant to use social networking because of the fear that I might be influenced on the wrong side.  I was contented to use cellphone or email messaging whenever I would communicate important notes or reminders with my classmates and friends. Other than that would be a waste in my time and my energy. During those years until I graduated, I was too critical on that use. Yes, at that time, I was still a newbie.

Such a breakthrough came when I entered the seminary. In the seminary, we were taught to value social networking at the service of God. Holding on to that learning, I gradually opened myself to engage with my friends, with the condition that I use it at the service of God. Indeed, it was a challenge for me. This breakthrough goes on until now, that I am a Postulant, and much is required for me to become responsible in using social media.

I agree with the youth whom I came to talk with and communicate that indeed, there are lots of opportunities we can do using social media. With recent developments of media technology, I can’t help but also attempted to explore these developments. With interactivity at hand, communications made more lively, enjoyable and really tempting. Without me knowing it, I did have a time when I lost track of my time management because of it. That time could have been more productive.

The same challenge still goes on. At what point must I say “I need to stop now! I need to rest! I need to do my responsibilities!” I realized that if my intention of using social media at the service of God and my community is neither clear nor convincing on my part, chances would be to get me hooked up so long that I’d waste a lot of time and energy. So, I’d make sure that when I get to use social media, I’d have a clear purpose why I’d use it.

That’s when I become aware that I am in control of social media, and not the other way.


3 thoughts on “My “Social Media” Story

    • Pax et Bonum!

      I personally appreciated for commending my blog for this endeavor. I thank you for this endeavor, and I would like you to know that I am grateful to the Lord for inspiring and motivating me through your instrumentality. Rest assured of my continuous posts here and exchange of nice reflections! May God bless you!

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