It’s really nice to be home!

I consider my beloved Alma Mater, the Rogationist College, as my home. It’s always been a Galilee-experience for me whenever I stay in my Alma Mater. I got to cherish my nice memories when I was in high school. It is also where I discovered my vocation to priestly and religious life. I really love my Alma Mater a lot. Wherever I go, I am always proud to say that I was once nurtured and educated by the Rogationist Fathers, together with the administrators, teachers and staff of the Rogationist College. My thanks also goes to my parents who discovered the Rogationist College for me and my brother.

Just yesterday, I attended the Grand Alumni Homecoming of the Rogationist College starting from batches 1991 to the present. Having met my classmates and batchmates then gave me joy.  My first reaction when I met them was, “Hey, how are you?” As I pored my eyes to all who attended the event, I noticed a big change with those whom I knew, whom I had little news with them. Yet, it’s fun and nice to be with them. I started sharing my joys with my batchmates, then I extended my greetings to other batches as well.

During the program, I suggested that one of the lines that the Batch 2008 will sing from the “Hymn to the Rogationist College” will be “We were yours, we are yours, we’ll be yours till the end of time!” And so when our batch came to recite our part, I led the batch to sing the lines – with passion and love – before a considerable crowd! What an experience! Inspiring speeches were given by the administrators of the school – and I remembered my memories with them too.

And those who knew me really approached me with great expectations, “So Francis, when will you become a priest? We are waiting for you!” Some about-to-be couples even approached me and told me “If ever you become a priest, you’ll be the one to bring us to the altar together! We’ll pray and wait for you!” How touching and happy I am! For even five years which some of us have not met, they still believed that I can really be a priest, and even more. Yet, in the end, I’d always ask for their prayers and assurance of support in my vocation journey.

And as I was writing this blog, this Grand Alumni Homecoming became a “miracle” of my vocation journey. Why? When people continue to trust me and believe in me that I can really bring them to God and God to them by their assurance of prayers and support in my vocation journey, doesn’t that feel renewed of sense in vocation journey? Their assurances bring positive energies to me, and I am certain that the Lord speaks with them. It’s an affirmation of my response to God’s call. And I am grateful for that. Kinda nice huh?

And it’s true what one of the administrators said: “Homecoming extends beyond the structure itself; it’s also about the persons who became part of the institution bringing with them the heart of the Rogationist College – once a Rogationist, always a Rogationist!”

And, I am still inspired. And I am still in Rogationist College!

For you, what is your ‘homecoming’? What could be the miracle there – for you?

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