And now, our response during the Holy Mass is “hashtagged”.

It occurred to me giving a response from what I posted in #PeaceBeWithYou (one blog right below). And it is crucial to reaffirm the nobility of the human person – endowed with life. Yes, the Holy Mass also affirms the giftedness of human life “fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)” by the Lord God. It’s in this moment that I also discovered the liturgical impulse of the affirming human life.

Primarily, I’d like to “hashtag” the response with the intention of constantly bringing into the human community and social media forum the beauty of human life. It’s like “Come on, let’s talk about ‘life'” or “You know, I have a lot of things worth discovering in my life” or “Right now, I see my life as….”. There’s more to be thankful, discover life and its meaning to you!

Searching for meaning in life begins with the “I” affirming his/her vision. This “I” is imbued with the gift of life. And yet, this “I” asks, “What do I really want? What do I want to become?” Hence, one’s search for meaning is having a clear vision of becoming. That is why life is aside from being static or stagnant. Life is dynamic. It is like the Spirit moving and leading us to the “greater scheme of things”.

What do we do next? We keep on dynamically repeating the discussion on “life” and the “I” in our respective circles until it clearly becomes a world agenda. The crucial step is to bring the discussion to where people converge and are preoccupied, like the social media. Then, have the discussion on “life” and the “I” as a proposal for dialogue. It takes time; we need not force it.

To begin, I’d like to tweet: “Life’s worth-living #AndWithYourSpirit


Life and Progress


Yesterday, we commemorated the Holy Innocents who were martyred on the account of the Child Jesus. Yet that celebration calls us to a fundamental response which we, as children of the First Christmas and of the Easter Morn, have to revisit in ourselves.

Months ago, I recalled posting about “Intrigues of Progress: On Ethics in Advertising”. The point I made there was on how we perceive “progress” in terms of “development” in so many aspects. What is interesting is that the problems concerning our society nowadays seemed to have been rooted on how we perceive “progress”. It often leads us to ask the “why” of “progress”.

So? Personally, I observe that on the pursuit of achieving “progress” in our society, one fundamental question (even personal) is attached: “What’s in it for me?” Our ability to ask this question expects us to clarify and evaluate “progress”. Admit it – not everyone has the same notion of “progress”. That’s because we came from different contexts – period (we have to respect that). But what makes us reflect together about “progress” is because of the “why” (not only in the utilitarian sense of it) – together with the question “what’s in it for me?”

And I propose that upon hearing “breakthroughs” in our society, our participation would be to ask questions – clarify and evaluate. We are no longer passive agents of whatever’s-happening-out-there because as individuals, we are more concerned on the search for meaning in our lives – explicitly or implicitly. Then, another important question surfaces: “How can I be facilitated in  my search for meaning in my life?” Interesting!

Practically speaking, there is a need for us to sit down, listen and discern well. We are neither puppets nor robots for use in production mechanism – we are human persons formed “fearfully and wonderfully” (Psalm 139:14) to love and to be loved. Perhaps, this is an important criterion we adopt when we approach “progress”. There is more to love that facilitates the search for meaning than being mere puppets or robots of what’s happening. 

Then, does our notion of progress make us more humane and loving? Interesting!