Jump Start 2013


How would you like to start your 2013?

There’s much to expect in 2013. And for me, I’d hope for the better. Basically, I’m a visionary – and I always look forward for what is best. I’d desire to seek what is nobler, higher and better. As I was writing this post, I already had in mind lots of endeavors to seek and to find meaning in them. I’m keen to find meaning in these endeavors. I’d find love in them!

In this Year 2013, I am inviting Jesus to journey with me again. At present, I am pursuing priestly and religious vocations in the Congregation of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus. My heart’s desire is to apply for the Novitiate – and I felt good about it. I find myself in it. I embrace it as my own. I love it. But of course, I need lots of prayers and support.

But every “jump start” starts with simple things we can enjoy in life!

>   How about a “smile” for 20 people you meet everyday?

>   How about saying “I am good!” at the start of your day?

>   How about a hug for someone whom you forgot to hug last year?

>   How about saying “Thank you, Jesus!” for every day you wake up?

>   How about blowing bubbles for 10 minutes and jump like a kid?

Kinda cool, huh! Simple things are meant to be enjoyed!

We’d want to start our year right, but God wants us to enjoy simple things in life. And it’s free.