Mama Mary, Mother of God

New Year Card - Copy

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama Mary!

Yep, this is our greeting for our dear blessed Mother. We greet her deep inside our hearts for she leads us to the love of her beloved Son – Jesus Christ our Lord! For the first day of the Year 2013, I preferred making this simple image from Photoshop – with “Believe” as a powerful teaching from Mama Mary.

“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord…” (Luke 1:38)  –  Mama Mary teaches us to “Believe” because God knows who we are and what we are called to. She experienced lots of uncertainties (even suffered from them), but she remained certain that the Lord is there – He is in control of everything. He will always be there for us. As Mother of God, she teaches us to have faith in the Lord.

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord…” (Luke 1:46)  –  Mama Mary teaches us to “Believe” because deep inside us is the image of the Emmanuel – “God-with-us”. She sang one of the greatest songs in the history of mankind – the Magnificat – from her spontaneous response of joy in the Lord. We are the image of a loving God. As Mother of God, she teaches us to give our best shot.

“Do whatever He tells you…” (John 2:5)  –  And Mama Mary teaches us to “Believe” because we can find our true fulfillment in Jesus. She knew well that Jesus brings true joy and peace to all, and so she leads us to her Son. What we need to do is perhaps to have a listening and a pondering heart like her. As Mother of God, she teaches us to say our ‘yes’ to the Lord’s call.

“Mama Mary, thank you for leading us to Jesus always!”

Simbang Gabi Chronicle #7: MAGNIFICAT

ImageDearest Friends:

A blessed Christmas to all!

For our seventh day of our Simbang Gabi Chronicles, we listen to Mary’s sweet Magnificat. Out from her pure joy and gladness as she received the Lord Jesus, we hear Mary’s outpouring of praise to the Lord, with her visit to Elizabeth. Such spontaneity makes it so unique and resounds to all of us today – her firm faith is seen in her joy when she exclaimed the Magnificat. It tells a lot about us today – and we are invited to become Magnificat to others as well.

Personally, I have been freshly attracted to the Magnificat ever since I entered the seminary. There have been over seven renditions of the song of the Magnificat composed by our Filipino Artists which I put in my MP3 player. I would always feel goosebumps whenever I hear the song every now and then. It’s like even the song would flow rapidly in my bloodstreams, and then my heart would beat fast. Even when I munch the words of our Blessed Mother, it feels a new breath and a sense of joy to live in. I wonder how Mary was able to put those words in harmony and perfection – both in lyrics and in her spontaneity.

What makes the Magnificat  so unique is that it springs from Mary’s spontaneity and pure joy as she felt the presence of God in her life. She is so full of God, and with God’s presence in her came the joyful song. It is God’s initiative which made her outpouring of her innermost love for God and for all humanity. Definitely, she was not a Pharisee, Scribe, or other religious leaders during her time. But definitely, she is so full of God – in her humility and simplicity!

What does the Magnificat lead us to? It leads us to recognize the presence of God. And in our recognition of Him, let our outpouring become spontaneous and pure. It happens when we stop worrying and preoccupying ourselves with lots of things, and then we let the Spirit lead us to where He desires. Frankly, it is called “faith” – but that faith is a joy-filled faith. Today, it calls us to celebrate faith – not to die trying hard to be religious and righteous (isn’t that the same with workaholism?). Many thought that to obey the rituals would be enough (many died bitter and regretful because of this). Celebrating faith means our celebration of our true identity and uniqueness – and therefore, it has to be Spirit-led spontaneity. We have our God-given talents: why not spend time to discover, enrich them, and let it be God’s hand to let others discover His love? It’s way more than we thought it to be. Worth-pondering.

“When was the last time I used my talents to praise the Lord for His love?”